How did you welcome 2011?

How did you welcome 2011? And I am not just talking about New Year’s eve here. Here’s a glimpse of how I left 2010 and welcomed 2011 with arms wide open and my heart embracing year 2011.

Attended birthday and Christmas parties…

Watched Fireworks almost every weekend…

College December Reunions…

High School Post-Christmas party…

Pampering day with Apo…

Catch-up time with childhood friends…

Welcoming New Year with Family…

Making sure that Sky knows that HE IS LOVED! For EVERYTHING that he is!


Looking forward to a wonderful 2011!

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  • pusangkalye

    yihhh!!!another photoblog to follow. I love photos, I love the stories they tell and I can see that the moments you capture here are really good. kip em comin

    • G

      Malayo naman sa photoblog mo :) Thank you for the very nice compliment. Coming from you :)

  • chyng

    High School Post-Christmas party venue looks familiar ^-^

    • G

      Yes! Eastwood City Walk. I am pretty sure that you’ve been there. You’ve been EVERYWHERE! :) Which I think is awesome!

  • Hazel

    awww you sure spent the holidays with people you love — college and hs and childhood friends, family, and your son! :) Well spent holidays, i’m sure :) Hope 2011 will be a great year for you :)

    xoxo hazel

    • G

      Thanks for dropping by! And I wish for a great 2011 for you too! :)

  • clumsyfancy

    I also spent my new year with my family and five aspins (formerly known as askals). I was worried back then on how they would tolerate the firecrackers. Some of them slept; others trembled under the sofa. Fortunately its over. May in 2011 brings happiness to all.