Kid’s Workshop in Greenhills: One of the Best Activity and Play Care Center in Manila

Greenhills is one of the shopping havens in the metro. It’s the best place where you can get clothes and shoes at a good price. You just need a lot of time on your hands and a lot a freedom going around from one store or stall to another. Especially on weekends where Greenhills is teeming with people.

It is a feat shopping here with a child in tow. So, whenever I do find myself in Greenhills, I always “deposit” Sky at the Kid’s Workshop Activity Center on the 2nd floor of Shoppesville mall inside the Greenhills center. It’s a small and unassuming area with the usual slides and playground fare. But, what I like about this play area than the other ones in bigger malls? They have a scheduled activity of story telling and project making.

Kid's workshop Greenhills

From what I remember, you pay 385 pesos for unlimited play and an additional 50 pesos for every art activity that your kids do. It is quite expensive, if you do the math. But the peace of mind that I get while happily roaming the corners of Greenhills is priceless. Sky is big enough to handle himself, so I just make sure that he has a bottle of water and socks when we get there. A pair of socks is a must, if your child is not wearing one you can buy a pair from their counter for 20-50 pesos. I am not entirely sure on the exact price, so I am placing in a price range for your info.

This is a very creative play area and I like how the attendants are very attentive to each of the kids. Aside from the storytelling that I mentioned, the attendants also have interactive games with all the other kids on a scheduled basis. So the children there don’t just play all day long, they learn something too!

Kid’s Workshop also has an Easter Festival from March 31, 2012 to April 8, 2012 (except April 5 & 6), where your kids can join in the egg hunt, decorating a bunny and even hip-hop dancing! Read on their poster below for the schedule of activities for their EASTER FESTIVAL!

 For more information and questions please visit Kid’s Workshop Shoppesville, Greenhills Facebook page here. Or call them up at Tel. No. (02) 72-30932… Have a blessed holy week! :)


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  • The Pepperrific Life

    Wow, I never knew such a place existed in the midst of busy Greenhills! Now, I won’t hesitate to bring my daughter with me as I gleefully shop. I like that they have storytelling sessions…

    NOw, all I have to worry about is parking…

    • G

      That’s true! It’s hidden in the second floor of Shoppesville arcade… If only parking was easier :)